My desire to teach stems from two things.

One – singing exhilarates me, no matter the time, place or context. Two – I sincerely believe that anyone can sing. True, some might have to work harder than the others, but that’s as is with everything else in this world. 

What we must keep in mind is that what works for one person does not always work for another. A good teacher will customise their methods and teaching style to suit the learner. And to simply hone your singing abilities, it doesn’t matter what you do, how old you are, or which style you want to sing in. All you need is to want to sing, and I will help you with the rest.

With the scenario in 2020 having moved towards virtual lessons, we must also evolve to cater to our needs in the best way we can. I was fortunate to have started my teaching career at Shankar Mahadevan Academy, and have worked with many amazing individuals and organisations since then, both online and offline. Needless to say, I will help you with your questions and doubts about online music lessons. Write to me!


Hema Sriram, Mother of Udbhav (8) and Nethra (5)

Online Carnatic Lessons


We are very fortunate to have a music teacher like Aarti and cannot speak highly enough of Aarti’s patience and techniques for conveying music concepts to little children. She has been our kids’ music teacher for over five years. She keeps the classes interesting for them, engaging their attention throughout the class duration, which is often a challenge with online lessons. The classes and teaching methods are tailored to each child based on their personality and learning capabilities. She has an amazing connection with our kids, and their sessions with Aarti have served a broader purpose. She equips them with very valuable lessons in breathing techniques, developing focus etc helping with their overall growth. We have such a warm relationship and are indeed fortunate to have found a teacher who our kids adore!


Deboshmita – 14

Group Western Vocals

I have been learning under Ms Aarti for a little over two and a half years now. I find her very attentive to all her students’ performances, and she really works very hard to make sure that each of us gain from her class. Her song selection is quite amazing too. Our training included Japanese/Korean/Italian/Scottish songs from her repertoire. She assigns us regular vocal exercises, and follows up on them regularly. Her friendly nature sometimes makes us forget that she is our teacher. She makes each of her classes an enjoyable experience.

Deepthi Suresh
Mother of Uday Suresh (11)

Group Western Vocals

“It was after a long search that I found a teacher for western music in Indiranagar for my son. Aarti has been his music teacher for almost 3 years since. With her strong classical background and fun nature, she is the perfect combination that kids and their parents look for in a teacher. The children like her instantly as she is not this strict teacher, but when it comes to learning it’s absolutely “no nonsense”. Her classes are quite interactive and she tries to give some sort of take away every class whether it be a small task to do at home or some research regarding musical instruments and so many similar homework. My son is really happy with his music class. All the best to Aarti in all her future endeavours.”

Suhani Mehta
Mother of Ishika (5)

Group Beginner Vocals

“Miss Aarti has great understanding on how to tap the potential of a child and bring out the best in them . She moulds a child to appreciate music and helps them through their learning journey. Her classes are fun since she adopts different interesting teaching methods. My child is the happiest when I say it’s “singing class today“!”

Sneha – 16

Group Western Vocals

I remember looking forward to having classes every Friday with Aarti ma’am. They were a perfect balance of seriousness and fun. I have grown to love music because she taught me how to see the fun side in any genre, be it classical or pop. I’ll never forget how well she trained me for my first Trinity grade exam in such a short period and the hard-work she put in for us. Thank you for all that you did for us, Aarti ma’am!

Sarah – 15

Group Western Vocals

It’s been over two years since I joined Aarti ma’am’s class and I’m very happy that I chose to do so. She’s a very experienced and good teacher. Under her guidance, I’ve learnt various aspects of music and improved my vocal skills tremendously.
♫ What do you teach?
I train beginner and intermediate students in Western contemporary, Carnatic and Hindustani techniques of singing. Some students want to focus on a single genre or style, while others are eclectic in their interests. Some want to learn performance-oriented songs, some have exams as their musical goal. So what I teach is tailor fitted, depending on the requirement of each student.
♬ Do you teach instruments?
I primarily train voices. However, I can help you with beginner lessons of piano and theory if you join my solo voice session.
♬ What age group do you teach?
My students, so far, have varied from 3.5 years old to 59 years old. There is no age bar to learning music, as long as there is enthusiasm.
♬ Do you give group or solo lessons?
Most of my classes are solo. I do give group lessons, provided there are at least two registrations for the same grade/ age group at the time.
♬ Where do you teach?
I primarily teach online now. For offline classes, I will be available at NGEF Layout, near Byappanahalli Metro station (2km from Indiranagar), if and when the Covid scenario changes by the end of 2020. 
♬ Are online classes as efficient as a classroom?

I’ve been teaching students online since 2014. And given the current situation with Covid, all of my students have successfully migrated to the online medium. While the efficacy might be different compared to the personal interaction or a physical classroom, everyone – children and adults alike – finds the transition quite smooth. In fact some of my oldest students are those that I’ve never met in person! There are added advantages too, such as easy collation of study materials, saving travel time, flexibility of hours, optional recorded sessions, and especially (and I know many parents consider this a boon), being able to continue with the same teacher, wherever you or they might move!

Isidore Rockey – Equity Dealer

Group Western Vocals


Aarti’s classes are always interesting and well planned out. She is invariably willing to take extra efforts to help in the areas you are lacking and will also patiently break down parts which are difficult for you, till you can understand and sing it right.

Ronak Shetty – Environmental Consultant

Group Western Vocals



A very patient instructor. I have attended her sessions for over 2 years now. She has a very deep understanding of different forms of music and the theories behind them. She lays good emphasis on breathing, core, and open throat techniques; her sessions have strengthened the quality of my voice and have improved its thresholds. She addresses each voice separately and helped me build confidence in my voice. Overall, a very chill vibe in the class, jokes and jams are always welcome! I would highly recommend her sessions for all those who like to sing. 


Mathai Cyriac – Retired Businessman/ Engineer

Group Western Vocals

Not only is Aarti a talented singer with a crystal clear voice, but also a lovely person with a great sense of style. It has been my pleasure to have studied voice training under her. Her classes were fun and serious at the same time and come highly recommended.


Carine Paul – Data Analyst turned Papercraft Artist

Group Western Vocals

I started vocal classes with Aarti a few years ago as a beginner. She’s a wonderful teacher and helped me with the techniques, rhythm and breathing along with theory. She has always been patient and encouraging. Most of all, she’s an amazing person and her classes are a lot of fun. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the training and highly recommend her.

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