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My desire to teach stems from two things. 

One - singing exhilarates me, no matter the time, place or context. Two - I sincerely believe that anyone can sing. True, some might have to work harder than the others, but that’s as is with everything else in this world. 

What we must keep in mind is that what works for one person does not always work for another. A good teacher will customise their methods and teaching style to suit the learner. 

And to simply hone your singing abilities, it doesn't matter what you do, how old you are, or which style you want to sing in. All you need is to want to sing, and I will help you with the rest!

What do you teach?

I train beginner and intermediate students in Western contemporary, Carnatic and Hindustani techniques of singing. Some students want to focus on a single genre or style, while others are eclectic in their interests. Some want to learn performance-oriented songs, some have exams as their musical goal. So what I teach is tailor fitted, depending on the requirement of each student.

Do you teach instruments?

I primarily train voices. However, I can help you with beginner lessons of piano and theory if you join my solo voice session.

What age group do you teach?

My students, so far, have varied from 4 years old to 59 years old. There is no age bar to learning music, as long as there is enthusiasm.

Do you give solo or group lessons?

Most of my classes are solo. I do give group lessons, provided there are at least two registrations for the same grade/ age group at the time.

Where do you teach?

My classes are usually at NGEF Layout, near Byappanahalli Metro station. I also visit schools around Indiranagar and give online lessons. Ping me to find out if I teach at a music school near you.

Are online classes as efficient as a classroom?

I’ve been teaching students online since 2014. And given the situation in 2020, most of my students have migrated to an online medium successfully. While the efficacy might be different compared to the personal interaction or a physical classroom, everyone - children and adults alike - finds the transition quite smooth. In fact, some of my oldest students are those that I’ve never met in person! There are added advantages too, such as easy recording and collating of study materials, saving travel time, flexibility of hours, etc. So try it out, it might just work for you.
Work Experience: I started my teaching career with Shankar Mahadevan Academy and have worked with multiple schools and organisations since, like the Neev Academy, Indus International School, Spastics Society of Karnataka, Headstart Educational Academy and Artista Academy of Music. In that time, I’ve also trained over eighty five students in private sessions and have directed over fifty performances and productions. Today, I coach students of all ages in the areas of vocal techniques, theory, performance techniques, and music therapy.

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